OSU Stadium
Completed: Fall of 2003

This was a three year project that was scheduled to be constructed while not interfering with the regular OSU football schedule. Scope of work included over 3,000 handrails, stairs, stainless steel and glass handrails and a variety of miscellaneous items. Wanner Metal Worx was awarded with "Subcontractor of the Year" for our efficiency and quality of work during this project.


Nationwide Arena Garage
Completed: Summer 2001

This project included over 1,000,000 pounds of structural steel that was galvanized and received two coats of epoxy paint after the erection was completed. Wanner Metal Worx received the prestigious "Project of the Year" award from the American Galvanizers' Association for the most distinguished project in North America.


Broad St. Bridge
Completed: Fall 1992

Located in the center of the city crossing the Scioto river this construction included the fabrication of the decorative handrails located along the bridge. Not only did these handrails have to meet the aesthetic requirements, but also the durability and strength to withstand the impact of a vehicle traveling at 50 miles per hour. This project was constructed under a demanding schedule because of the logistical problems with the closing of the accessibility of the bridge. The bridge was completed ahead of schedule and below the estimated cost.


Completed: Spring 1998

Project involved the fabrication and erection of stairs, rails and miscellaneous steel for use in the construction of the building to house COSI. Project is located in the central part of Columbus.


State House
Completed: Spring 1997

This project combined the renovation and refurbishing of the Statehouse and Senate building for the state of Ohio. These buildings were restored to the original design of their original construction from the year 1865. Wanner Metal Worx personnel received the "Craftsman of the Year" award for their quality of work during this four year project.


Completed: Fall 2001

This project included the structural steel fabrication and erection of steel stairs and glass handrail system along with miscellaneous steel items for use in the building located in downtown Columbus, Ohio.